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Replacement Windows: Common Designs & Features

As winter approaches in Kansas, we want to talk about the different designs and features commonly available in our preferred lines of replacement windows. Each windows design style has a different function and cost benefit depending on what you are searching for.

Double Hung Window

This is the most common style of replacement window. With this style, both sashes open. With some manufacturers such as Plygem Premium Series, the sashes tilt inward for the capability to clean the windows from the interior.

Double Hung Window

Single Hung Window

This style of window is similar to the double hung but only the bottom window sash opens. The price will raise and lower based on the specific window but usually is the most affordable style of window which will open.

pella single hung windows

Picture Window

Pictures windows are great to enjoy the view of the exterior. These windows are typically larger than other styles of windows but do not open. These are referred to as pictures because they offer the ability to turn the outdoors into a picture.

pella picture window

Casement or Hinged Windows

Both casements and hinged windows are constructed so that sash swings outward or upwards. These windows are known for being excellent insulators thus are considered the best insulated window that will open. They allow the sashes to seal tightly and lock since they do not slide within the frame.

 pella casement windows

Sliding Windows

These windows are typically used on homes where walls are shorter than normal. These are usually installed on the upper portion of the wall or installed to make the wall appear taller. This style window opens horizontally as the sashes slide left to right. This allows the window to vent using half the space of single hung window.

pella sliding window

Looking to replace your home’s windows & in the Wichita, KS area?

We recommend working with a local Kansas based company that is A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. A reputable replacement windows installer like S&A Construction can help the home owner determine which replacement windows will work best with the home as well as offer free estimates.

We also suggest checking out our previous blog about Replacement Window Jargon to help understand the terminology.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, other ideas, or comments!