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Typical Roofing Ventilation Options for the Wichita, KS Area

To protect your home, it is important to have a properly vented attic. This can be achieved through a combination of intake venting in the eaves or soffits for new air and exhaust venting gables, deck or ridge vents in order for warm humid air flow to escape. These vents work in conjunction with each other to provide a balanced, constant flow of cool, dry air throughout the attic.

The Benefits of Proper Roof Ventilation

With properly installed roof ventilation, this will reduce the overall attic temperatures and moisture. This decreases the probability of mold growth and the decay of wood rafters and ceiling joists; which in turns prevents the decking from sagging and ensures the manufacturer warranty is not voided.

Types of Roof Ventilation

Our S&A professional roofing team can help homeowners understand the best ventilation choices for their new or replacement roof to the Wichita area. S&A commonly installs the following types of roofing ventilation:

  • Continuous ridge vents
    (installed at the peak of a sloped roof)
  • Turtle type vents
    (round-edged square vents, installed at various areas on the roof)
  • Turbine style vents
    (rotating round vents, installed at various areas on the roof)
  • Power attic vents (or fans)
  • Soffit/Gable ventilation
    (a combination of rectangular or square vents on the sides of a house near the peak of the roof and vents installed under the soffit or eave areas)

S&A Construction knows the importance of installing roofs with proper roofing ventilation in the Wichita, Kansas metro and surrounding communities such as Hutchinson, Newton, McPherson, and Derby. If your home is in need of a new roof or a roof repair now or in the future, please request a free estimate or call your “One call, One Contractor, from beginning to end” at (316) 262-6770 today.

Ridge vent
Continuous Ridge Vents
Turtle type ventilation
Turtle Type Vents
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Turbine Style Vents
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Power Attic Vents
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Soffit/Gable Ventilation