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Notes from a Remodeling & General Contractor for the Wichita, KS Area

One Remodeling Contractor to Rule Them All From Beginning to End

Anyone that has tackled a remodeling project for a bathroom or kitchen generally start with the decision to either DIY or hire a contractor. Even the occasionally DIY homeowner will hire a contractor for parts of the project. But is what really is the best approach or use of time and money?

DIY: It may not be cost what you think

Everyone has watched home improvement shows and thought “I can do that and save a lot of money”. If you have the ability, equipment, and time, it can save money on labor but not materials. Remolding an entire kitchen or bathroom requires more than one set of skills such as plumbing, cabinetry, tiling, design, etc. Don’t forget the tools that you may need to purchase (and possibly only use once). Factor in time too and you might find the “savings” of do-it-yourself may not be all that much. Before you start, you should sit down and total up all the materials, tools, and time it will take you.

Mix & Match: DYI + Sub-Contracting

The DYI person may not have every skill or tool required, so what about contracting out those parts that you cannot or don’t want to do? This can work but you have to be prepared to manage the contractor(s) since they are only doing part of the job. With more than one contractor, you have to be the manager. This may prove to be more than you want to deal with so think carefully about this before you start.

The Comprehensive Approach: One Contractor, One Call

20 years of experience has taught us that a comprehensive approach under one remodeling contractor, starting with dreaming and designing to construction and finishing, has proven to work best more often than not. This approach requires that remodeling contractor that uses their own experienced craftsman instead of sub-contractors. This allows the single remodeling contractor to provide construction services with absolute control of project timeliness, cleanliness, and finished quality. It also provides you with one point of contact and billing so no more dealing with multiple suppliers, invoices, etc.

A Comprehensive Remodeling Contractor Needs Accountability & Professionalism

While the right remodeling contractor or company in the Wichita Kansas can make your project go much smoother, evaluating them can be challenging so below are a few quick things to look for:

  • Performs background checks on all staff and employees;
  • Insures employees with liability and workman’s compensation policies;
  • Offers an open door policy to the owner's office and cell phone number;
  • Maintains city licenses, county licenses, and various relevant professional certifications;
  • Maintaining over $1 million in insurance liability to cover the most unforeseen accidents;
  • Offer customer friendly and accountable payment terms for services performed; and
  • Provides written warranties.

For more information also see our article “How to Evaluate Remodeling Contractors in the Wichita, KS area” for more details.

Decisions, Decisions

If you decided that a comprehensive approach is the best way for you and you are looking for a remolding contractor in the Wichita Kansas area, give us a call or e-mail.

And as always, let us know if you have any questions, other ideas, or comments!