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Water Restoration Categories & Classes: Category 2 Water

We are continuing our Water Restoration Categories & Classes series which covers the various types of water losses and why it is good to have a professional team dry and repair damage. Previously we discussed Category 1 - "clean water" and in this post we will be discussing Category 2 - “Grey Water” and the dangers of a slow response.

Category 2 Water - "Gray Water"

“Grey Water” usually comes from sources like discharge from dishwashers or washing machines, flush from sink drains, sump pump failures, and toilet bowls with urine but no feces. From sources like these, the liquid can cause discomfort or sickness when exposed or consumed because it contains a large amount of contaminants that can be physical, biological, or chemical. Also Category 2 water loss carries both microorganisms and nutrients for those microorganisms to feed on and grow but fortunately no solid waste.

Help, I have Category 2 Water Damage!

If Category 2 “Gray Water” goes without mitigation services, it can quickly deteriorate into a Category 3 (the worse classification) loss due to the length of time it sits.

That is why it is important to call a BBB A+ rated professional water restoration professional like S&A Construction as soon as possible. The quicker they can respond, the more likely you are to limit the amount and severity of the damage; which will help get you back to a pre-loss state/normal sooner.

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